Cambridge Values

Sean grew up in Cambridge and is a graduate of Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. He continues to volunteer as a football coach for the Falcons. Throughout Sean’s life he has carried forward the high school’s motto: “Opportunity, Diversity, and Respect.” These are the core values that drive his candidacy.

Sean believes that our diverse history and shared principles will guide us as we work to make Cambridge an inclusive and world-class city for generations. This will require us to recognize gaps in opportunity, understand the roots of inequality, celebrate our differences, and treat all city residents and staff with compassion and dignity.

This will also require action.

Dedication To Public Service

Before law school Sean managed the JFK Jr. Forum at Harvard’s Institute of Politics. Inspired by the Institute’s mission of civic engagement, Sean attended law school and committed himself to public service.

  • As a Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Fellow, Sean taught Constitutional Law and coached a moot court team at City on a Hill High School in Roxbury.
  • Sean worked on voter protection issues as a Legal Intern for The Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice.
  • As a Rappaport Fellow in Law and Public Policy, Sean researched foreclosure prevention policies for the Massachusetts Attorney General's office.
  • Sean was elected to represent Cambridge Ward Nine as a delegate at the 2014 State Democratic Convention.
  • After law school, Sean was the Deputy Legal Counsel for the Joint Committee on Revenue at the Massachusetts Legislature where he worked on the “Fair Share” amendment to the state constitution.
  • Last year, Sean was a fellow at the New Leaders Council, a training incubator for progressive leaders.
  • Currently, Sean is the Research Director & Legal Counsel for the Joint Committee on Housing at the Massachusetts Legislature.

Housing for a diverse Cambridge

As someone who grew up in Cambridge, Sean knows first-hand how the housing crisis has impacted our city. Income inequality and the high cost of housing are threatening our economic, racial, and cultural diversity: the very fabric that makes Cambridge, Cambridge.

Young people and families are strapped by student loans and small pay increases that barely keep up with inflation. Add on child-care, transportation costs, and other basic living expenses and there is little left over for rent, let alone saving for a future. For so many, setting down roots or keeping roots in Cambridge is an unattainable dream.

Sean is an attorney who works on housing policy for the State of Massachusetts. He wants to use his experience to help Cambridge adequately address its housing needs. He is committed to developing city policies that help our longtime residents stay in our neighborhoods. He also recognizes the profound need for new housing options for all income levels. This is a challenging issue, but we can find innovative solutions that balance growth, density, and fight displacement.

A Commitment To The Cambridge Community

Cambridge is many things to many people. It is a new and exciting place centered around our universities, life sciences, and technology sector. It’s also a community with deep roots, family ties, and streets that are neighborhoods.

Whether your connection to Cambridge goes back generations, years, or months, Sean believes you have a place in our city. As City Councilor, Sean will honor our diverse history and represent our shared future.

Vote Sean #1 on November 7th!