"Opportunity, Diversity, Respect. These are the core values that drive my candidacy."



Cambridge is close to meeting projected housing demand. This is not the case in the surrounding suburbs. Cambridge must partner with other cities to encourage suburban communities to join us in confronting our housing challenges as a region.

I support the production of three-bedroom units to promote family housing. Cambridge’s future depends on providing high quality and affordable housing options for young families to set down roots and build community.

I also support using city funds to preserve existing affordable housing stock. We must fight against the displacement of our families and longtime residents and keep them housed in our community.

Our city employees and volunteers are committed to managing our public funds to support housing. We should continue to think strategically about how we target these investments into housing opportunities for all income levels.


I believe in a high quality early education for all. Our schools are an asset that will have a profound impact on reducing income inequality in our city. Before we realize this impact we must confront the achievement gap.

I support increased foreign language immersion programs for the entire district. I support an increased commitment to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) education offerings. I believe we should develop a core curriculum that incorporates computer science and coding. Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. I support increased access to afterschool programs and extracurricular activities that fit the diverse needs and desires of our students and families.



Economic Development

Cambridge must maintain its competitive edge over the surrounding cities. We are an attractive place for start-ups, emerging tech, and life sciences. This is critical to our economic vitality and we will continue to build on our success.

Economic development, however, isn’t only about Kendall Square. It’s also about our small businesses and family owned shops across the city. The entrepreneurial spirit isn’t something new in Cambridge. I believe that we should also promote existing local staples and foster the development of locally owned businesses.

Economic Opportunity

Research shows that a two-parent, two-child household in Cambridge needs to earn $85,793 annually to live securely. The current state minimum wage is $11/hour, or $22,880 a year. How can working families in our city afford another rent increase when they can’t even get a modest pay increase at work?

As city councilor, I will advocate for working families. I will also foster collaboration and partnerships with our innovation economy and universities to create opportunities for our youth and city residents.  We need internships for our young people so they can be exposed to careers in science, tech, and engineering. We need to also find ways to support adult education programs to train workers in a rapidly changing economy. 





As city councilor, I will work to ensure that we have policies that reduce our climate impact and prepare us for climate change. I will advocate for infrastructure improvements for all neighborhoods and support carbon reduction initiatives.

We are blessed with great examples of open space: Danehy Park, Fresh Pond, Magazine Beach, and Dana Park, to name a few. I believe in maintaining and updating existing these open spaces. I will also advocate for new spaces and pocket parks for all residents to enjoy.

Safe Streets

I am also committed to safe streets. I believe we must focus on ensuring that roadway reconstruction projects include a focus on improving safety for biking, driving, and walking in our city. I will advocate for protected bike paths, traffic calming measures to improve safety in defined residential areas, as well as signage, pavement markings, and speed humps to increase safety for all.